Since forming The Crossroads Pursuit, we've sought to lead youth to Christ through our passionate witness of what he has done in our lives. We team up with schools and youth programs nationally to provide powerful retreats, talks, and worship experiences.  

We don't just give talks. We dive in head first from day one. We help plan retreats, we run games, we lead small groups, we lead worship, and we are committed to excellence in each piece. For this reason, it makes a lot more sense to have us in for full day or weekend long immersive experiences instead of just one talk. 



Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Marcellino D'Ambrosio is an expert water balloon filler, a veteran dodgeball player, and a slightly above average joke teller. As an event programmer, however, he runs with the best. He worked in a parish for three years as a High School Youth Director before moving to music ministry at SMU University. Now he manages Catholic Creatives, an online community of Catholic ministers, creators, artists, and entrepreneurs committed to bringing about a new renaissance of Beauty in our world through the Church. 


Anthony D'Ambrosio

Anthony D'Ambrosio's claim to be the better looking of the two twins is probably not true. He is, however, by far the most experienced in organizing youth storage spaces and making pancakes for fundraisers. His youth group did grow by 400% during the five years he was there. This is probably just a coincidence, but some parishioners say that it's because he's a "hip young guy," and "that's important." Anthony now serves as a strategist, consultant, and ministry visionary as the founder of Sherwood Fellows, an agency that builds identities that create communities.



The Crossroads Pursuit is the youth Apostolate of the Crossroads Initiative, the ministry of their Father, the fantastically brilliant and hilariously charming Dr. Italy, or Marcellino the Grayer, as his sons like to call him. Click here to go to his website for weekly reflections and the largest accumulation of online resources available for the Church Fathers, the Sacraments, and church history. 



       We are faithful to the Catholic Magesterium

      We are faithful to the Catholic Magesterium

                         As musicians, we place                    special emphasis on worship

                        As musicians, we place
                   special emphasis on worship

                      We speak from the Word 

                     We speak from the Word 

                    We call listeners to intimacy                       with God and each other

                   We call listeners to intimacy
                      with God and each other