How Did the Mass Change Your Life?

When I was 14, I was not a kid that fit in. I was awkward, afraid of social interaction, and believed that I didn't fit in anywhere. I went to the youth mass at St Ann's Parish in Coppell. During the eucharistic prayer, I felt a weight on my chest and a warmth in my palms. As I prayed, I felt a voice in my heart tell me that I belonged here. It was not a massively life changing moment, or the mark of some profound conversion, but it was something that I continued to experience and served as an anchor to me in my most ungrounded moments.

Have you experienced Christ in the mass?

Do have a story of how the mass changed your life? 

The Crossroads Pursuit will be compiling your stories over the next few months and forming some of these stories into a book. If you or any of your friends have a story that you can tell us, please contact us below.

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